Vinyl rocks...the way it sounds, looks, feels and what it represents.

Unfortunately for artists, with minimum orders at 300 units or more, thousands of dollars up front, excruciating wait times, shipping and other barriers, vinyl has been nothing more than a dream for most.

At VINYLIZER we’re changing that. 

For a fraction of the cost and risk, and without sacrificing any quality, we can make your music available on vinyl to your fans around the globe. We can do this because we cut vinyl on demand, one at time by hand. While this isn’t the most cost-effective approach for a Kanye release, it is exactly what most acts need in a digital world.

After you sign up and upload your music and artwork, we create a storefront for your record and provide you a link to share with your fans, or to post at shows. Your fans order, we cut the record, print your jacket, package and ship it. Whether you sell 5, or 18 or 46 copies, you have no overstock, have little risk and cost, make back whatever mark-up you decided to put on your records, and most importantly, release your music on vinyl and please your super fans with record players. 

It’s important to remember we are not a vinyl manufacturer, stamping hundreds of copies for you to re-sell at your shows. You can’t call us and order 25 units. That’s not what we do. (however, we do allow you to pre-order up to 5 units when you set up for your personal stash)

VINYLIZER is about democratizing vinyl, opening up doors and levelling the playing field.